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Our Formula for Lasting Protection


Our ‘Assess’ stage launches your cybersecurity journey with a process-led scrutiny of vulnerabilities and penetration testing.


Our ‘Protect’ phase expertly shields your digital assets with stringent access control and a secure architecture crafted by specialists.


In our ‘Enable’ phase, we steer your organisation through a pivotal journey to build a robust cybersecurity culture.

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Our Specialities

Web App Penetration Testing

With proactive Web application penetration testing from Cyber Alchemy, you’ll gain assurance that vulnerabilities have been identified and remediated.

Cloud Penetration Testing

Our cloud professionals can proactively identify and assist in addressing potential risks and maintain a secure and compliant cloud environment.

Secure Development Training

Our Secure Software Development (DevSecOps) training course is designed for individuals and organisations who recognise the importance of secure software development

Full Stop Remediation Training

Full Stop Remediation™ post engagement training provides deep understanding of the issues and how they manifest themselves in the context of the organisation’s systems.